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1000 Miles of Fire
1000 Miles of Fire is a punk band from Denver, CO.
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3 Doors Down
Hailing from Escatawpa, MS, 3 Doors Down, burst onto the scene with its debut album, 'The Better Life,' which included the hit song 'Kryptonite.' They are playing some smaller, more intimate venues to celebrate '3 Doors Down Acoustic - Songs From the Basement.'
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36 Crazyfists
Anchorage, Alaska's '36 Crazyfists' chooses to craft intensely beautiful, melodic hard rock, reminiscent of the quiet-loud bipolarity of the Deftones, the post-hardcore urgency of Quicksand, and the full on soul-baring, emotional assault of Glassjaw.
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Punk,Rock,Reggae,Cover/Tribute Band/Performer
40 oz. to Freedom
Based in San Diego, 40 oz to Freedom is a Sublime tribute band. The group features Dane Scott, Jeremy Miller, Los Perez and Sol Turpin.
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Acoustic,Folk,Reggae,Rock,Rap/Hip Hop
A Mac DZ
Straight out of Denver, Colorado, Alex Mackenzie-Low (a.k.a. A Mac DZ) has defined the art of fusing reggae, rock, folk, and hip-hop into progressive acoustic music.
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The A-OK's
The A-OK's is an alternative punk, ska band from Denver, CO.
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Blues, R&B/Soul
Aceyalone and 2Mex
Ten solo releases deep and still working, Aceyalone solidifies his status as a titan of underground hip-hop with his new album, Leanin' On Slick. Looking back to the rhythm and blues standards of the past, the record has already been praised for Aceyalone's ability "to combine pop savvy with social commentary. You know – like shit used to do back in the day." Soulful and funky beats support Aceyalone's signature tight rhymes and bouncing-ball flow. Features appear from Daniel Merriweather and Cee-Lo Green, artists who share Aceyalone's respect for the history of R&B and talent for reminding audiences of its relevance by augmenting it with modern flavor. The title track is a light-hearted exploration of what someone would do in pursuit of the "superbad." Like the Blaxploitation era it references, the track is fun, powerful, and undeniably badass.
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Acoustic Alchemy
Acoustic Alchemy's wide-ranging influences make it a conduit for a myriad of sounds and textures. The band combines sounds of jazzy improvisation, Caribbean grooves, reggae, salsa and all forms of rock and pop and more. The band considers itself be a "musical travelogue," representing a wide range of influences, people and occurrences that inform its musical and personal lives.
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Acoustic,Open Mic/Music
Acoustic Madness Open Mic
Every Monday, Acoustic Open Madness Monday, hosted by Brian Parton.
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